How Do I Play LAPA at Home BINGO?

The 4th and last game of the season will be played March 8-10

Cards will only be available for pickup March 1-6

1. Pick up 1 sheet of 2 cards at local participating La Farge businesses.

    Bergums Food Mart, Deb's A Little More Than Hair, La Farge Village                  Office, Farmer's State Bank, Bethel Parkside or Hometown Village.                  One sheet per person please.

2. The first set of 10 numbers will be drawn on the 8th, the second set on            the 9th, and the third set on the 10th.

3. Numbers will be available at participating business, posted on Facebook          and on this website. Each day will have that day's numbers in addition to        the previous day's numbers.  Wednesday will have all numbers listed and        will be available until March 17. Numbers will also be posted in the                  window at the Bank and Village Office.

4. Mark any numbers drawn on your Bingo cards with a marker, crayon, pen        etc.

5. Bingo can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal or the 4 outer corners.

6. If you have a Bingo, return your card to the place where you got it by              March 17.  Make sure that you write your name and contact                    phone number on the back of your card. There will be a manila                envelope available.

7. Winning cards will then be entered for a drawing (adult and children                separately).  

8. Winners will be notified by phone, or prizes will be delivered.

Any questions, call Bonita Dorschied (625-2235) or Barb Melvin (606-1185)