The La Farge Library Board will hold a meeting on Tuesday,

        February 5, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lawton Memorial Library.



                        AGENDA ITEMS:


                        1).  Call to Order/Roll Call

                        2).  Verification of meeting posting

                        3).  Approval of previous meeting minutes

                        4).  Financial Report

                        5).  Statistical Report

                        6).  Friends Update

                        7).  Director’s Report




1).  Solar Project LLC                

2).  Annual Report   

3).  Public Comment Opportunity     

4).  Next meeting date   

                        5).  Adjourn   


                       Kimberly Walker, Village Clerk/Treasurer

                          Posted 1/18/2019


         Lawton Memorial Library Board Meeting

               Regular Board Meeting          Tuesday, February 5, 2019


*7:08 p.m. Meeting was called to order by Chair Delores Sandmire. Roll call was taken with board members Sandmire, Donna Niles, Carol Persons, Gwendolyn Hatfield, Gail Muller, and Kimberly Walker present. Absent was Georgia Everson. Also present was Librarian Rita Wachuta-Breckel, Samantha Laskowski, and Becky Comeau. (The original board meeting date of January 22 was cancelled due to a snow storm, along with the re-scheduled date of January 29, due to bitter cold).


*Before the meeting, a party was held to celebrate Delores for her time serving on the board. She is not running for re-election in April.           


*Verification of meeting posting at the Bank, Post Office, and Village Office on February 4, 2019 was given.              


*A copy of the November 27, 2018 minutes was given board members to review. Hatfield moved, Persons seconded to approve the minutes as written. (Carried).


*Financial report: Reviewed the 2018 year. The balance for 2018 was $8,821.43. Of this amount, $2,905.66 is resource grant funds, $1,516.98 Gates grant funds, and $1,184.50 CROPP grant funds, which will all be carried over to 2019. This leaves a positive balance of $3,214.29 in the operating budget. As of 12-31-18, the savings has $13,890.82, plus the 2 CD’s of $3,830.89 and $9,353.17. Niles moved, Muller seconded to approve the financial report. (Carried). The year-end budget balance of $3,214.29, will be put in our library savings account. A budget comparison was also reviewed showing the amount spent compared to the budgeted amount.  


*Statistical Report: Reviewed statistics for 2018. Circulation was 20,037, down some from 2017. Looked over the other numbers on Interlibrary loans, book discussion, CLC, Twisted Stitchers, cookbook discussion, and Mahjong. Brad Steinmetz’s program on the History of Flooding had 37+, and the Small-Town Christmas day celebration had 23 crafting.                


*Friends Update: On February 12, they’re hosting a Chocolate Extravaganza for Love your Library month. Games, chocolate tasting, and lots of fun is planned. This is also to promote the Solar project.  


*Business: Solar Project, LLC- Carol, Samantha Laskowski, and Becky Comeau talked about the solar project. The three of them, along with Peggy Pasker, have formed an LLC to help fund the project up front. With the help of Alicia Leinberger, they got the info and set it up. The LLC recaptures their investment through grants, tax incentives, depreciation, and payments from the library. These payments could be between $100-$200 quarterly. With the LLC doing the financing, they would own the system for 6 years. After this time, the library would own it. Total cost of the project is $30,700. Ethos is giving us an 8% discount on it. The solar project has a 20-year warranty. 


*There is another funding source, for people to buy bonds. They would get interest payments from this, but it’s not saving the library money that way. The LLC way the library can see immediate savings.


*In the future, would like to purchase a battery backup system and have an iPad available for people to see how much solar is generated. An electrical panel upgrade would also need done at that time. The funds to pay for these would be done thru fundraising and donations.  


*The group that has the meter and pays the utility bill needs to approve the project, so this would be the library board. But they will also take it to the village board for approval. There is a service agreement currently being worked on. When it’s done, it will be presented to the boards. Hatfield moved, Niles

seconded to approve what has been done, continue working on it, and to look at the agreement for approval in the future. (Carried 5-1, with Persons abstaining as she has an interest in the LLC).   




*Directors Report:    

**Had a problem with the back-door lock today. No keys work. Even tried a hairdryer to see if it was frozen, but it wasn’t. Agreed to have Rita check places to get it fixed and look into a keyless entry.

**Rita announced she is retiring on October 8, 2019. She’ll have 19 years in then. She plans to transition out in September. Maybe try to get someone new by the first part of September. Will start to review/update the job description. The board wished Rita the Best! 

**The school is only having summer school 2 weeks, from July 22 to August 3rd. That’s when the library will have their program, too.

**Rita plans to be gone on vacation most of July. Becky Hooker is planning to do some programs. 

**Have a lot of upcoming programs: February 12th is the Chocolate Extravaganza, March has MaryBeth Sarnowski for a Project recovery-flood program and Larry Scheckel with his new book. On April 9th is Richard Frost, and in June is Doris Green with WI Underground caves and mines. 

**Borrowed an escape room program from WRLS. It’s a fun game, that takes 45 minutes at least to play. 

**Rita’s new computer is to arrive any time now.

**The “Mitten Tree” had a lot of donations on it. The items were just taken to school for the kids.

**Last Wednesday, the library was open as a warming center for those bitterly cold days. Eighteen people were in. They weren’t considered “in distress” but we had a place for them to come. We did close at 6 p.m. that Wednesday for the staff to get home.    

**The digital conversion kit is getting more people using it.



*Annual Report: Rita is still working on this.  


*Public comment: Carol and the board thanked Delores for all she’s done for the library over the years, from serving as the Library Chair, to donating numerous items and time to all the projects. She’s a Treasure! Delores thanked the board for the party.     


*The next meeting was scheduled for March 26, 2019, at 6:15 p.m.  


*Persons moved, Muller seconded to adjourn. (Carried). Adjourned at 8:52 p.m.



Kimberly Walker, Village Clerk/Treasurer