Focus on Energy

Program updates for 2020



  • Appliance Recycling cash incentive discontinued. Focus on Energy will continue to offer free pick up and recycling of working refrigerators and freezers but will no longer provide the $20 cash incentive. Please update your utility’s website on January 1 if it currently references the cash incentive.

  • Free energy-saving packs will continue to be available.

  • Heating and cooling equipment incentive changes (effective January 1, 2020):

    • Furnace incentives will now be tiered as follows:

      • 95% single- or multi-stage: $50 (Tier 1) and $350 (Tier 2)

      • 96% single- or multi-stage: $100 (Tier 1) and $450 (Tier 2)

      • 97%+ multi-stage: $150 (Tier 1) and $550 (Tier 2)

    • Propane furnace incentives will be retired, as we can no longer claim savings due to ECM motors now being required in new furnaces. LP customers can still qualify for air source heat pump, geothermal and PV incentives. 

    • Now offering a $100 incentive for packaged terminal heat pumps (EER and COP ratings vary by size).

    • Furnace/AC combo incentive will be an additional $50 when installed at the same time as a qualified furnace (Tier 1 and 2).

    • ECM replacement incentive will be $50 (Tier 1 and 2).

    • Smart thermostat incentive will be a $50 stand-alone incentive (Tier 1 and 2). There will no longer be a larger incentive when installed along with other eligible equipment. 

    • There will no longer be a distinction between individual multifamily and single family homes. All qualifying HVAC technologies used for individual multifamily units are eligible for residential heating and cooling incentives. HVAC technologies used as a central heating source for common areas will qualify for incentives through business solutions. 

  • Insulation and air sealing incentive changes (effective April 1, 2020):

    • Air sealing incentives will be $500 (Tier 1) and $800 (Tier 2).

    • Attic insulation incentives will be $400 (Tier 1) and $500 (Tier 2).

    • Multifamily buildings, including individual unit owners, are now eligible for residential insulation and air sealing incentives, with incentives based on project square footage.

      • Multifamily air sealing incentive: $0.20 per square foot

      • Multifamily attic insulation incentive: $0.50 per square foot (R-11 or less existing) or $0.20 (R-12 to R-19 existing)

      • Multifamily wall insulation incentive: $0.80 per square foot

    • To receive incentives for projects completed on or before March 31, 2020:

      • Work must be completed on or before March 31.

      • Post-test (if applicable) must be completed on or before April 17.

      • Application must be submitted on or before May 31.

      • All incomplete applications must be resolved on or before June 30. 



  • Prescriptive incentive amounts for business equipment for 2020 will be listed in the Business catalogs for Agribusiness, Commercial Refrigeration, HVAC/Plumbing, Lighting and Process Systems. Electronic versions of the catalogs will be available 12/31 with hard copies in January.

  • In 2020, the annual customer incentive cap will be $400,000, and there will be a per project cap of $300,000.

  • Small businesses will be eligible for an online assessment and free energy pack starting March 1, 2020.



  • During 2020, Focus on Energy will  work directly with distributors to incentivize selected high efficiency equipment at the point of sale, such as high efficiency circulation pumps, heat pump water heaters, ductless mini-splits and commercial kitchen equipment.


New Construction

  • Incentives for the construction of energy-efficient certified new homes will continue. For commercial new construction, whole building and prescriptive incentives will be available in 2020.


Collateral Store materials

Updated marketing materials will be available through the Collateral Store in January. Please remember to replace your 2019 collateral with the 2020 versions. This is also a good time to make sure your website links and program information is current. Contact us if you need any assistance.


Renewables Program updates for 2020

Changes to Focus on Energy’s Renewables Program were approved by the Public Service Commission. Starting in 2020, all solar PV projects will fall under the prescriptive Renewable Rewards Program and incentive amounts will be based on system size. The Renewable Energy Competitive Incentive Program (RECIP), which awards business customers with incentives for renewable projects through a competitive process, will continue for biogas, solar thermal and wind projects in 2020. Check out the details on the Focus on Energy website.

Summary of Renewable Rewards updates for 2020

  • The Rural portion of the program will be for residential customers and Agricultural Producers.

    • Residential Rural customers will get up to a $500 bonus for installing a system.

      • Bonus can't be larger than prescriptive incentive. It will be equal to the incentive amount or $500, whichever is smaller.

    • Agricultural Producers (Business customers) will qualify for an incentive match up to $10,000.

    • Agricultural Producers are defined as "businesses engaged in the production of grain, livestock, milk, poultry, fruits, vegetables, bees and honey; fish; shellfish; or other common agricultural products including greenhouses."

  • A Reservation system will be put in place for all projects.

    • Residential customer projects will have three (3) months to complete.

    • Business customer projects will have six (6) months to complete.

    • There will not be a down payment requirement to reserve funding.

    • Projects without a proposed completion date will be moved to the back of the queue.

    • Reservation form will be posted on the website on January 3, 2020.

  • All Reservations and Applications will be done online. If a customer or Trade Ally is unable to use an online version, the Program will provide them with a PDF version upon request, but it will not be available on the website.

  • Azimuth rules: All projects within 90 degrees of due South (Compass Direction of 90 to 270 degrees) will be eligible for incentives and will receive the same incentive amount, regardless of azimuth.

For more information, visit the Focus on Energy website.