Lawton Memorial Library Board Meeting 

              Regular Board Meeting          Tuesday, March 26, 2019


*6:15 p.m. Meeting was called to order by Gwendolyn Hatfield (Chair Delores Sandmire was unable to attend). Roll call was taken with board members Hatfield, Donna Niles, Gail Muller, Georgia Everson, and Kimberly Walker present. Absent was Sandmire and Carol Persons. Also present was Librarian Rita Wachuta-Breckel.  


*Verification of meeting posting at the Bank, Post Office, and Village Office on March 25, 2019 was given.              


*A copy of the February 5, 2019 minutes was given board members to review. Muller moved, Niles seconded to approve the minutes as written. (Carried).


*Financial report: Reviewed the report from 1/1/2019 thru 2/28/2019. The remaining balance for 2019 is $73,386.56. Of this amount, $2,905.66 is resource grant funds, $1,516.98 Gates grant funds, and $1,184.50 CROPP grant funds. This leaves an operating budget of $67,779.42. The savings account has $18,105.11, plus the 2 CD’s of $3,844.11 and $9,375.08. Everson moved, Niles seconded to approve the financial report. (Carried).    


*Statistical Report: Rita reviewed the statistics for January and February. Circulation was down in January, due to bad winter weather. Looked over the numbers on the Interlibrary loans, Mahjong, Book Discussion, CLC, Cookbook Discussion and the Twisted Stitchers. The Chocolate Extravaganza had 37, MaryBeth Sarnowski’s program had 14, and Larry Scheckel had 10.              


*Friends Update: The group has given a few honorariums to the program speakers.   


*Directors Report:    

**The printer just “died”. The lights are flashing, and nothing seems to work to get it going.

**Rita is changing her retirement date from October to either August 31st or the first week of September. Her daughter is getting married later in September. Discussed working on a job description. Donna, Gwen, and Georgia will work on updating this. Will review this in May and possibly advertise the position in June.  

**Reviewed upcoming programs: April 9th is Richard Frost, the Driftless Writing Center will be here a day to collect flood stories, May will be Brad Steinmetz on the “Dam History”, and June is Doris Green with WI Underground caves and mines.  

**Rita will be on vacation July 1 to July 20th. Sub Peggy Pasker is gone July 12-24th, so Rita mentioned checking with WRLS on a possible list of subs if we need someone. Georgia volunteered Fridays if needed.

**WRLS has a couple new data bases available.

**PLSR, that has been going on the last 2 ½ years, has submitted their report to DPI. Four listening stations will be set up around the state coming up.

**The back-door lock problem has been repaired at a cost of $425. He is not guaranteeing it. He put in some parts from the hardware store. Rita says it works better than it ever did! She doesn’t recommend the keyless entry now. Too expensive.  

**Friday, Rita received her new computer. Her old one was dedicated to the security cameras.

**Weeding is currently being done on the children’s non-fiction.  

**The magazine subscriptions are coming up for renewal. Rita is going with a different company. The current company is unresponsive, and the new place is cheaper.   



*Annual Report: A copy of the completed report was given board members.

*Solar Project: Shelving needs built in the furnace room for a place to put the solar inverter and for future batteries. Need to do some cleaning of stuff in there. Will be talking with Doug Albright on what we exactly

need. It was asked if the library would donate to the shelving cost. The Friends of the Library group will

also be approached on a donation. Since there are currently no prices, or it’s not known what is needed, this will be put on the next meeting agenda for action. Also, the service agreement regarding the solar will be signed by the Village of La Farge, not the Library board as previously understood. The Village Board felt it was their building, so they should sign.  


*Public comment: Carol emailed a note and sent pictures if there’s any interest in having a Tower Garden outside. The board felt is was educational, but agreed with the cost, vandalism chances, who would take care of it, the solar project going on, and Rita leaving, we have too much going on now to take this on.     


*The next meeting was scheduled for May 21, 2019, at 6:15 p.m.   


*Everson moved, Niles seconded to adjourn. (Carried). Adjourned at 7:24 p.m.



Kimberly Walker, Village Clerk/Treasurer