November 12, 2020 letter from Vernon County Health Department regarding spread of COVID19 

in our Communities

Below are excerpts from the letter.  To view the entire letter, click here.

   This week, in Vernon County we have seen a significant jump in COIVD-19 cases. We are writing to share with you our current status and impact that this may have on our community.

   Of those tested for COVID-19 in Vernon County over the past week, 47% of the tests came back positive.  Our average daily new cases of COVID-19 is over 20 people per day. Our health department staff are having increased difficulties contacting those affected in a timely fashion due to increased positive cases. We are seeing hospitalizations increase and more deaths as a result of COVID-19. Without mitigation , the increased number of cases will continue to lead to further spread of the disease.

   For our community during this pandemic, we are at a crossroads. Having been lucky to avoid seeing these high case numbers, hospitalizations and deaths, we have been very fortunate. But, it is here and it is not holding back. It is a privilege to serve this community, but it will take more than just medical professionals to fight this fight, it will take all of our community. We are asking for your support in this effort.

   Please, wear masks, socially distance, and stay home if you are not feeling well.  It is vital.


Gov. Evers Issues Executive Order Declaring Public Health Emergency and Requiring Face Coverings Statewide (posted July 31, 2020)

Emergency Order Requiring Face Coverings

On July 30, 2020, Governor Evers declared a Public Health Emergency and issued an Emergency Order #1 requiring individuals to wear face coverings when indoors and not in a private residence, with some exceptions as clarified in the Order.  The Order is effective at 12:01 am, August 1, 2020 and expires September 28, 2020 unless there is a subsequent superseding order. Face coverings are required both indoors and outdoors, with social distancing if not with individuals living in your residence.  Some exceptions are children under 5 years of age, individuals with disabilities who are not able to wear a mask, or if you are talking with an individual who is hearing impaired.  You can find a complete list of exceptions and more information on the Order, as well as a FAQ sheet about the Order by clicking on the PDF files below or by looking on our Village of La Farge Police Department Facebook page.  


In the interest of community safety, the Village Board is in support of this Order and encourages all community residents to follow this mandate.


Stay safe and healthy,

Cheryl Purvis

Village of La Farge President

State of Wisconsin Emergency Face Mask Order
Face Mask Covering FAQs

Stay Strong, Stay Safe (posted 3/20/2020)

These are unprecedented times we are living in.  There is fear of the unknown.  How long will this go on?  When are we going to be able to get back to normal?  Am I, or a member of my family going to come down with the COVID-19 virus?  Everywhere we look we are surrounded by news of the virus; it can be overwhelming.  By the time you read this, things will have changed. Information changes by the hour.  The La Farge Village staff and officials are working hard to keep up with the latest information and keep our village staff and community safe.  As of Friday, March 20, 2020, the village is operating normally. By the time you read this, things will have changed. We are putting safety procedures in place to keep the staff and residents safe.  In the coming days or weeks, the village may need to implement our Essential Services Plan to be able to limit the staff exposure while being able to take care of the community.  Under this plan, the village office will remain open for as long as possible.  The office door will be locked but access can be reached by phone, email, US mail or appointment.  The water, sewer and electrical systems will be monitored daily.  Garbage will be picked up weekly.  A staff member will be available for emergencies.  As of now, the election on Tuesday, April 7 is still being held and absentee voting is encouraged.  If this plan needs to be implemented, we will announce it on our Website, La Farge Police Department Facebook page, posted at the Village office and in our local newspapers.

Everyday is a challenge, our way of life is temporarily changing, and this can be very stressful.  Everywhere you look, Facebook, TV, Internet, even the radio has COVID-19 virus updates and information. Keeping your mental well-being is essential for riding out this storm. I would like to give you another challenge.  I challenge each one of you to unplug yourself periodically and stay way from the news.  Breathe deeply, read a book, talk to a friend or neighbor, play a game with your family, play the 20 questions game with your family or someone you want to know better or reconnect with, exercise or make your own list of things you can do, want to accomplish, whatever you can do to give yourself a break and take care of you.  Stay strong, stay safe.  

Cheryl Purvis, La Farge Village President.


March 17, 2020 Village of La Farge Residents (posted March 17, 2020)

The Village President has signed a Proclamation Declaring Emergency in the Village of La Farge, effective March 17, 2020.

The Declaration was made in order to obtain access to any and all additional resources available on the county, state and federal levels.

The Declaration also allows for possible cost recovery, should the village and any business within the village limits incur any costs relating to COVID-19, at the county, state and federal levels.

The Declaration does not reflect any dramatic change in the health at our village, but ensures steps are being taken to ensure adequate capacity to the residents needs if the transmission of COVID-19 reaches critical levels.

Cheryl Purvis

Village of La Farge President

To view a copy of the Proclamation Declaring Emergency in the Village of La Farge, click on the PDF icon.  


Village of La Farge Residents - updated 3/16/2020


Although there have not been any confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in Vernon County, and specifically La Farge as of Sunday March 16, 2020, I wanted to address the community to assure you the village board and staff are taking the possible threat of a more severe outbreak seriously.  Key village personnel are working on contingency plans in the event the village needs to reduce services in order to limit exposure to our village staff and community residents.  At this point, the village of La Farge is operating with our usual services.  If there does become a need to reduce services, our village website ( will post what services will be reduced and how the village will be operating.  In a special village board meeting held the past Saturday, all board members are aware of factual information as we knew it at that time.  If a resident has any questions or concerns, please call the village office, a board member or refer to our village website.

Good sources for online information are the CDC or NIH.  Village officials are working with La Farge Medical Clinic – VMH and receive updates as needed.  The Village of La Farge website will have information on the COVID-19 virus and updates as we receive them from the Clinic-VMH.  As almost every piece of information says, a common sense approach of washing your hands, covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing with a tissue or the inside of your arm and cleaning frequently touched surfaces several times per day and limiting activities in a large crowd are a few ways to help control your exposure to this virus.  

Thank you,

Cheryl Purvis, Village of La Farge President.


Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) “What You Should Know”

Information extracted on 3/10/2020 from: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Click here to view

Click here for updated information from the CDC 

There are currently no known cases of COVID-1 (Coronavirus Disease) in Vernon County. (4/8/2020)