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Village of La Farge Past Notes on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Village of La Farge Residents - updated 3/16/2020


Although there have not been any confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in Vernon County, and specifically La Farge as of Sunday March 16, 2020, I wanted to address the community to assure you the village board and staff are taking the possible threat of a more severe outbreak seriously.  Key village personnel are working on contingency plans in the event the village needs to reduce services in order to limit exposure to our village staff and community residents.  At this point, the village of La Farge is operating with our usual services.  If there does become a need to reduce services, our village website (www.lafarge-wisconsin.com) will post what services will be reduced and how the village will be operating.  In a special village board meeting held the past Saturday, all board members are aware of factual information as we knew it at that time.  If a resident has any questions or concerns, please call the village office, a board member or refer to our village website.

Good sources for online information are the CDC or NIH.  Village officials are working with La Farge Medical Clinic – VMH and receive updates as needed.  The Village of La Farge website will have information on the COVID-19 virus and updates as we receive them from the Clinic-VMH.  As almost every piece of information says, a common sense approach of washing your hands, covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing with a tissue or the inside of your arm and cleaning frequently touched surfaces several times per day and limiting activities in a large crowd are a few ways to help control your exposure to this virus.  

Thank you,

Cheryl Purvis, Village of La Farge President.