Directory of Public Offices

for La Farge residents


Clerk of Court:  Sheila Olson  608-637-5340

Coroner:  Betty Nigh  608-637-5284

County Board Chairman:  Dennis Brault 608-637-5301

County Clerk:  Ron Hoff  608-637-5380

Emergency Management Director:  Brandon Larson 608-637-5266

Register of Deeds:  Dawn Nemec  608-637-5371

Sheriff:  John B. Spears 608-637-2123

Treasurer:  Rachel Hanson:  608-637-5367

Veterans Service Officer:  James P. Young  608-637-5323 or 608-637-5327

Waste Management Administrator:  Stacie Sanborn  608-634-2900

Vernon County Board of Supervisors - District 25:  Gail Muller  608-625-2881

Vernon County Economic Coordinator:  Christina Dollhausen

La Farge School

School Board President:  Aaron Nemec

School Board Vice President:  Curt Parr

School Board Treasurer:  Holly Franks

School Board Member:  Shawn Sedgwick

School Board Member:  Chad Wirts

District Administrator:  Meaghan Gustafson

Elementary Principal:  Josh Hansen

Middle/High School Principal:  Todd Camlek

Village of La Farge members

President: Cheryl Purvis  608-606-2907

Trustees:   Reggie Nelson 608-625-4109

                Aaron Appleman 608-799-6542

                Terry Jensen 608-625-2599

                Frank Quinn 608-434-5625

                Aaron Nemec  608-632-2452

                Barbara Melvin  608-606-1185

Clerk/Treasurer:  Kimberly Walker 608-625-4422

Assessor:  Jerry Kins 715-895-8441

Police Chief: Jonathon Brown 563-210-6215

Fire Chief/Attorney:  Phillip Stittleburg 608-625-2185

Public Works Manager:  Wayne Haugrud 608-625-2333

Librarian:  Jessica Slaney  608-625-2015

Polling Place:  Emergency Services Building 608-625-4422

Representatives in State Legislature

State Senator District #32:  Jennifer Shilling  608-266-5490 or 800-385-3385

State Representative 96th Assembly District:  Loren Oldenburg  608-792-7896 

State of Wisconsin Offices

Governor:  Tony Evers  608-888-1665

Lieutenant Governor:  Mandela Barnes  414-939-4736

Attorney General:  Josh Kaul

Secretary of State:  Doug La Follette  608-255-7343

State Treasurer:  Sarah Godlewski 608-616-0736

US House of Representatives

Representative District #3:  Ron Kind 202-224-3121


US Wisconsin Senators

Tammy Baldwin 608-264-5338

Ron Johnson 608-240-9629

Title 10 Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 1 Traffic and Parking

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