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Ordinance Index

The location of each ordinance is referenced by the 3 numbers following the subject.  The first number refers to the Title, the second number the Chapter and the third number the section. For example: The ordinance that refers to the Abandoned property disposal can be found in Title 3, Chapter 4, section 2.  The ordinances can be found by clicking here or looking under the Community Life menu item above and choosing Village Ordinances.

Abandoned property

     Disposal of, 3-4-2

Abandoned refrigerators

     Prohibited, 11-3-3

Abandoned vehicles

     Conflict with other code provisions, 10-5-7

     Disposal of abandoned vehicles, 10-5-4

     Junked vehicles or appliances on private property, 10-5-8

     Owner responsible for costs. 10-5-6

     Removal and impoundment, 1-5-2, 10-5-3

     Report of sale or disposal, 10-5-5

     Violations, 10-5-1

Accessory uses and structures

     Regulation of, 13-4-140 through 13-1-143

Administrative determinations, review of

     Statutory procedures adopted 4-1-1 through 4-1-13

Air guns

     Carrying or discharge in village, 11-2-1

Alarm systems

     Regulation of private systems, 5-4-1 through 5-4-12

Alcoholic beverages see also operator's licenses

     Application for license, 7-2-6

     Approval of application, 7-2-29

     Classes of licenses, 7-2-4

     Closing hours, 7-2-15

     Conditions of license, 7-2-14

     Definitions, 7-2-2

     Fees, 7-2-5

     Granting of license,7-2-10

     Investigation, 7-2-8

     License required, 7-2-3

     Non-alcohol events of licensed premises, 7-2-18

     Numbering and expiration of license, 7-2-12

     Posting of licenses, 7-2-13

     Qualifications of applicant, 7-2-7

     Restrictions on licenses, 7-2-14, 7-2-15

     Restrictions on picnic and special event licenses, 7-2

     Revocation and suspension of licenses,  7-2-17

     State statutes adopted, 7-2-1

     Transfer of license, 7-2-11

     Beer garden license, 7-2-7-1

Alcoholic beverages, offenses involving

     Adult permitting underage violation, 11-4-8

     Defense of sellers, 11-4-1

     Persons who have altered identification cards, 11-4-6

     Possession of alcoholic beverages on school grounds, 11-4-7

     Sale to underage or intoxicated persons, 11-4-2, 11-4-4

     Solicitation of drinks prohibited, 11-4-9

     Underage persons' presence in places of sale, 11-4-3

All-terrain vehicles and off-road vehicle operation; see also snowmobiles

     State laws adopted, 10-4-1

     Unauthorized operation on public or private property, 10-4-2


     Animal feces, 7-1-10

     Barking dogs or crying cats, 7-1-12

     Bites, duty in case of, 7-1-8

     Cruelty to prohibited, 7-1-18

     Dog licenses required, 7-1-1

     Food and drink for animals, 7-1-15

     Injury to property by dog or cat, 7-1-11

     Impoundment of dogs, 7-1-7

     Issuance of dog licenses, 7-1, 7-1-3

     Kennel licenses, 7-1-3

     Late fees, 7-1-4

     Neglected or abandoned animals, 7-1-17

     Number of animals limited, 7-1-19

     Penalty for failure to obtain rabies vaccination, 7-1-5

     Penalties, 7-1-22

     Pit bulls regulated, 7-1-9

     Prohibited and protected animals, 7-1-13

     Proper shelter for animals, 7-1-16

     Rabies quarantine, 7-1-5

     Rabies vaccination required, 7-1-2

     Sale of rabbits, chicks or artificially colored animals, 7-1-14

     Trapping on village lands, 7-1-20


     For radio reception, 13-1-130,13-1-131

Assessments - see Special assessments


     Appointment and duties, 2-3-11


     Annual audits, 3-1-15    

Automobiles see Traffic and parking

BB guns

     Carrying or discharge in village, 11-2-1

Bed and breakfast establishments

     Standards for, 13-1-71

Beer see Alcoholic beverages

Bicycles and play vehicles

     Bicycle penalties, 10-2-6, 10-2-7

     Bicycle regulations, 10-2-2, 10-2-3, 10-2-5

     Penalties, 10-2-6

     Regulation of skateboards, roller skates and roller skis, 10-2-4

Bidding procedures

     Procedures for, 3-1-12, 3-1-13

Board of appeals

     Composition and duties, 2-4-2

     Procedures for appeals and variances, 13-1-190 through 13-1-194

Board of Review

     Composition , 2-4-1(a)

     Duties, 2-4-1(c)

     Meetings, 2-4-1(d)

Boards and commissions, general requirements

     Meeting notice requirements, 2-4-7

     Residency required for service, 2-4-8

     Rules for procedure, 2-4-9


     Regulation of, 12-1-6

Building code see also Construction site erosion control

     Basements and excavations, 15-1-10

     Building codes and permits, 15-1-1, 15-1-2

     Clear water discharge, 15-1-11

     Code compliance upon change of ownership, 15-1-15

     Construction standards, 15-1-4

     Disclaimer on inspections, 15-1-7

     Duplex service connections, 15-1-12

     Fees, 15-1-19

     Garages, 15-1-8

     Junk storage, 15-1-18

     Moving of buildings, 15-1-13

     New methods and materials, 15-1-5

     Penalties, 15-1-17

     Razing buildings, 15-1-9

     State uniform code adopted, 15-1-3

     Unsafe buildings, 15-1-6


     Open burning regulations, 5-2-9

     Outdoor heating devices, 5-2-11

Cats see Animals

Cemetery Regulations

     Restrictions, 11-3-5

Certified surveys see Subdivision Regulations

Checks, worthless

     Issuance of, 11-3-8

Chief of police

     Appointment and duties, 2-3-7, 5-1-2, 5-1-4, 5-1-5, 5-1-6, 5-1-7


     Retailer's licenses, 7-3-1

Citations, use of

     Authorization for, 1-2-1

     Citation form, 1-2-3

     Officials authorized to issue, 1-2-2

     Procedure, 1-2-6

     Receipt of cash deposit, 1-2-5

     Schedule of, 1-2-4

Clerk see Village clerk; Deputy clerk

Code of ordinances see ordinances, code of


     Standards for, 8-1-9

Concealed weapons

     Prohibited, 11-2-2

Conditional uses

     Procedures and standards for, 13-1-60, through 13-1-72

Construction site erosion control

     See index at start of Title 15, Chapter 2

Controlled substances

     Regulation of, 11-2-11

Cooperative arrangements

     Authority to enter into, 2-2-7

Cross connection control

     Regulations, 9-1-54


     Village requirements for, 6-3-2


     Established for juveniles, 11-5-1


     In public places, 11-2-8(b)


     Designated, 3-1-6

Deputy clerk

     Appointment and duties, 2-3-5

Developments see subdivisions

Direct sellers see transient merchants

Director of public works

     Appointment and duties, 2-3-10

Ditches, public

     Obstruction of , 6-2-12


     Procedures, 3-1-8

Disorderly conduct

     Regulated, 11-2-8


     Incorporation into code by reference, maintenance and availability        of copies, 1-1-7

Dogs and cats see animals

Door-to-door salesmen see transient merchants


     Location and design requirements, 6-3-2

     Permit required, 6-3-1

Drug paraphernalia

     Prohibited, 11-5-6

     Possession of drug paraphernalia, 11-2-16


     Election officials, 2-1-3

     Election times, 2-1-2

     Nomination of village officials, 2-1-4

Electric utility regulations and rates

     See index at start of Title 9, Chapter 3

Electrical code see building code


     Advisory opinions, 2-5-8

     Conflict of interest, 2-5-7

     Dedicated service, 2-5-5

     Definitions, 2-5-2

     Fair and equal treatment, 2-5-6

     Hiring relations, 2-5-9

     Outside employment, 2-5-11

     Responsibility of public office, 2-5-4

     Sanctions. 2-5-10

     Statement of purpose, 2-5-1

     Statutory standards of conduct, 2-5-3

Explosive devises see also nonmetallic mining regulations

     Regulation of, 11-2-1(e)

Fair housing

     Definitions, 15-3-2

     Enforcement, 15-3-5

     Exemptions, 15-3-4

     Unlawful practices, 15-3-3

Feces, animal

     Removal of, 7-1-9


     Regulation of, 13-1-142

Finance see also special assessment procedures

     Accounts receivable billing procedures, 3-1-14

     Audits, 2-3-3, 3-1-15

     Bidding procedures, 3-1-12, 3-1-13

     Budget process

          budget, 3-1-3

          changes in budget, 3-1-4

          funds to be spent in accordance with budget, 3-1-5

     Claims against village, 3-1-8

     Delinquent utility bills, 3-1-17

     Duplicate treasurer's bond eliminated, 3-1-2

     Fiscal year, 3-1-6

     Investment of funds, 3-1-9

     Liability of village for acts of agents, 3-1-16

     Public depositories, 3-1-7

     Receipt for monies received, 3-1-10

     Statement of real property status, 3-1-11

     Tax roll preparation, 3-1-1

Fire chief

     Appointment and duties, 2-3-8

Fire department see also fire chief; fire prevention code

     Adoption of codes, 5-3-1

     Damaging fire hose prohibited, 5-2-4

     Duty of bystanders to assist, 5-2-6

     Entering adjacent property, 5-2-5

     Fire department organization, 5-2-1

     Impeding fire equipment prohibited, 5-2-2

     Interference with use of hydrants, 5-2-8

     Open burning, 5-2-9

     Organization of department, 5-2-1

     Police power of fire department, 5-2-3

     Rules governing fire department, 5-2-1

     Vehicles to yield right-of-way, 5-2-7

     Water-related fire protection services, 5-2-10

Fire prevention code

     Adoption of state codes, 5-3-1

     Disclosure of hazardous materials, 5-3-2

     Recovery of cost of extinguishing hazardous material fires, 5-3-3

     Water-related fire protection services, 5-2-10


     Carrying or discharge in village, 11-2-1, 11-2-2

     Safe transportation of, 11-2-3


     Outside storage of, 13-1-141


     Restrictions and permits for displays, 7-6-1, 11-2-4



     Regulation of unauthorized, 11-2-15



     Construction standards for, 15-1-8

General penalty

     For code of ordinances, 1-1-6


     Alteration of, 6-1-2

     Establishment of, 6-1-1

     Grades of underground utilities, 6-1-3


     Carrying or discharge in village, 11-2-1, 11-2-2

     Safe transportation of, 11-2-3

Handicapped access

     Grievances regarding access (ADA compliance), 15-4-1


     Prohibited, 11-2-13

Hazardous materials

     Disclosure of, 5-3-2

     Recovery of cleanup costs, 5-3-3

Health and sanitation

     Composting regulations, 8-1-10

     Compulsory connection to sewer and water, 8-1-17

     Control of lawns, weeds and grasses, 8-1-4, 8-1-5, 8-1-6

     Deposit of deleterious substances prohibited, 8-1-3

     Health nuisances, 8-1-2

     Rodent control, 8-1-9

     Rules and regulations, 8-1-1

Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) code see building code

Home occupations

     Regulation of, 13-1-72

Housing authority

     Appointment and duties, 2-4-5


     Restrictions within village, 11-2-1(b)

     Shooting into village limits, 11-2-1(c)


     Sidewalks, removal from, owner's responsibility and liability, 6-2-7


     Village, 2-1-1

Intergovernmental cooperation

     Authorized, 2-2-6

Intoxicating liquor see alcoholic beverages

Itinerant merchants  see transient merchants

Junk and junked vehicles

     Prohibited on private property. 8-1-8, 10-5-8


     Curfew, 11-5-1

     Enforcement and penalties, 11-5-10

     Juvenile Dispositions and sanctions in Municipal Court, 11-5-5-1

     Petty theft by, 11-5-3

     Possession of controlled substances, 11-5-2

     Possession of drug paraphernalia, 11-5-6

     Receiving stolen goods, 11-5-4

     Tobacco use by, 11-5-9

     Truancy, 11-5-7

     Unlawful sheltering of minors, 11-5-8

     Village jurisdiction of, 11-5-5


     Licensing and regulation of, 7-1-3(b)

Law enforcement see police department

Lawful order

     Failure to obey, 11-2-10


     Length of, 8-1-4, 8-1-5, 8-1-6

Library Board

     Appointment and duties, 2-4-6

Library material

     Theft of, 11-3-4

Licensing process

     Appeals of license denial, 7-9-1

     Payment of taxes, 7-9-1

Liquor see alcoholic beverages


     Prohibited, 11-3-2



     Prohibited, 11-2-6

Lost property

     Disposal of, 3-4-2


     Prohibitions on, 11-2-11

Meetings, open

     Committee meeting notice, 2-4-7

     Minutes of committee meetings, 2-4-7

     Provisions for meeting notice, 2-2-11, 2-4-7

Minors see juveniles


     Throwing of, 11-2-1

Mobile homes

     Parking fees for non-exempt, 7-5-1

     Standards for parks, 13-1-180 through 13-1-187

Natural lawns

     Regulation of, 8-1-5


     Loud and unnecessary prohibited, 11-2-7

Non-alcohol events

     On licensed premises, 7/2/18

Nonconforming uses, zoning

     Under zoning code, 13-1-80 through 13-1-83

Nonmetallic mining regulations

     Blasting or rock crushing, 7-8-7

     Definitions, 7-8-2

     Exempt activities, 7-8-4

     Existing operations, 7-8-3

     Permit requirements, 7-8-5

     Permit revocation 7-8-6

     Statuatory provisions adopted, 7-8-1

Noxious weeds

     Destruction of, 8-1-4


     Abatement of public nuisances, 11-6-6

     Definitions, 11-6-2

     Cost of abatement, 11-6-7

     Enforcement and penalties, 11-6-8

     Nuisances affecting health, 11-6-3

     Nuisances affecting peace and safety, 11-6-5

     Nuisances offending morale and decency, 11-6-4

     Prohibited, 11-6-1

     Unsightly junk on prop[erty, 8-1-8, 10-5-8

Oaths of office

     Required, 2-3-13

Obstructing streets and sidewalks

     Prohibited, 6-2-5, 11-2-5


     Electronic Messaging, 11-2-17

     Parties to acts, 11-1-2(b)

     Penalties, 1-1-6, 11-1-2(a)

     State statutes adapted. 11-1-1


     Appointed officials, 2-3-2

     Eligibility for office, 2-3-12

     General provisions, 2-3-1

     Oath of office, 2-3-13

     Property, public, standards for custody of, 2-3-16

     Removal from office, 2-3-15

     Residency for, 2-4-8

     Vacancies, temporary or permanent, filling of, 2-3-14

One and two-family dwelling building code see building code

Open burning

     Outdoor Wood Burners, 5-2-11

     Regulations on, 5-2-9

Opening meetings and public notice

     Requirements, 2-2-11, 2-4-7

Open wells

     Prohibited, 11-2-14

Operator's license see alcoholic beverages

     Display, 7-2-36

     Duration, 7-2-32

     Fee, 7-2-33

     Issuance, 7-2-34

     License required, 7-2-30

     Procedure for license, 7-2-31

     Provisional licenses, 7-2-33

     Revocation, 7-2-37

     Training for, 7-2-35

Ordinances, code of; new ordinances

     Code of

          Citing, manner of, 1-1-1

          Conflicting provisions, interpretation of, 1-1-3

          Construction. rules of, 1-1-2

          Definitions of terms, 1-1-2

          Documents incorporated by reference,

                  maintenance by village clerk and availability

                  for inspection, 1-1-8

          Effective date, 1-1-5(a)

          Name, official, 1-1-1

          Penalties for violations, 1-1-6

          Separability of provisions, 1-1-4

     Effective date of amending ordinances, 2-2-16

     Effective date of code, 1-1-5(b)

     General penalty for municipal code, 1-1-6, 11-1-2

     Introduction of ordinances, 2-2-15

     Publication of amending ordinances, 2-2-16

     Repeal of, effect of, 1-1-2(9)

Parking area standards

     Zoning code, 13-1-90 through 13-1-95

Parking see traffic and parking

Parks and recreation regulations

     Camping in parks, 12-1-2(b)(26)

     Glass bottles in, 12-1-2(b)(12)

     Park equipment removal, 12-1-2(b)(5)

     Park hours, 12-1-4

     Radio controlled airborne toys prohibited in parks,


     Reservation of park space/shelters, 12-1-5

     Turf protection, 12-1-3

Parliamentary procedure

     To be used for board meetings, 2-2-17

Peddlers see transient merchants


     Code violations, general, 1-1-6

     For offenses, 11-1-2


     Carrying or discharge in village, 11-2-1, 11-2-2

     Safe transportation of, 11-2-3

Plan commission

     Appointment and duties, 2-4-3

Play vehicles see bicycles

Plumbing code see building code

Police department see also chief of police

     Civilians to assist, 5-1-18

     Fees in municipal court, 5-1-11

     General powers of officers, 5-1-3

     Hearing authorities for suspension or removal of

          officers, 5-1-9

     Joint municipal court, 5-1-10

     Ordinance Regarding Municipal Court,

     Organization of, 5-1-1

     Personnel records, 5-1-6

     Policies and procedures, 5-1-5

Police lines

     Crossing of, 11-2-12

Pollution abatement

     Clean-up of wastes, 8-2-1

     Storage of polluting substances, 8-2-2

Prairie lawns see natural lawns

President, village

     Duties, 2-2-3

     Election of, 2-2-3

     Oath of office, 2-3-17

     Powers, 2-2-3

     Presiding officer of board, 2-2-13

Professional home offices

     Regulation of. 13-1-72


     Damaging, prohibition, 11-3-1, 11-3-5, 11-3-6

Public depositories

     Designated, 3-1-7

Public records see records, public

Public works see streets and sidewalks

Radio-controlled airborne toys

     Restrictions on park use, 12-1-2


     Permit for, 15-1-9

Records, public

     Access procedures, 3-3-5

     Definitions, 3-3-1

     Destruction of records, 3-3-7

     Duty to maintain records, 3-3-2

     Legal custodian(s), 3-3-3

     Limitations or right to access, 3-3-6

     Preservation through microfilm, 3-3-8

     Public access to records, 3-3-4

Recreational vehicles see also all-terrain vehicles;


     Storage and parking of, 13-1-94, 13-1-95

Recycling see refuse disposal

Refuse disposal

     Low grade mixed paper recycling, 8-3-2

     Recycling program, 8-3-1

Residential landlords

     Fraud on prohibited, 11-3-12

Retail theft

     Prohibited, 11-3-7

Review board see board of revies

Rodent control

     Rodents, 8-1-9

Rollerskates, rollerblades and roller skis

     Regulation of, 10-2-4

Satellite dishes

     Regulation of, 13-1-130

School property

     Unauthorized presence prohibited, 11-2-9

Sewer utility regulations and rates

     See index at start of Title 9, Chapter 2

Shooting missiles

     Prohibited, 11-2-1, 11-2-3

Sidewalks see streets and sidewalks

Signal receiving antennas

     Regulation of, 13-1-130


     Requirements for, 13-1-100 through 13-1-114

Site plans

     When required, 13-1-174


     Limitations on, 11-3-10

     Tobacco use by juveniles, 11-5-9


     Sidewalks, removal from, 6-2-7

Snowmobiles see also all-terrain vehicles

     Accident reports, 10-3-7

     Enforcement, 10-3-10

     Penalties, 10-3-9

     Snowmobile operations regulated, 10-3-4, 10-3-5,


     Snowmobile routes, 10-3-8

     State snowmobile laws adopted, 10-3-1, 10-3-2

     Unattended vehicles, 10-3-3

Solicitors see transient merchants

Special assessment procedures

     Procedures for levying, 3-2-1 through 3-2-13

     Special assessment B bonds, 3-2-13

     Special charges authorized, 3-2-11

Special charges

     Authorized, 3-2-11

Storm sewers see subdivisions

Street numbering

     System of, 6-2-13

Streets and sidewalks

     Depositing snow and ice on streets, 6-2-7

     Ditch obstruction, 6-2-12

     Excavations and openings, 6-2-3, 6-2-4

     Grades, 6-1-1, 6-1-2

     Obstructions and encroachments, 6-2-5, 6-2-12,


     Removal of rubbish and dirt, 6-2-1

     Requests for improvements, 6-2-10

     Sidewalk construction and repair, 6-2-2

     Snow and ice removal, 6-2-7

     Street numbers, 6-2-13

     Street privilege permit, 6-2-6

     Terrace areas, 6-2-8

     Unlawful dumping on, 6-2-11

     Vaults, 6-2-9

Street privilege permit

     Issuance of, 6-2-6

Street use permits

     Provisions regarding, 7-7-1

Subdivision regulation see also zoning     

     See index at start of Title 14, Chapter 1

Surplus property

     Disposal of, 3-4-1

Swimming pools

     Requirements for, 13-1-143

Tax assessor see assessor

Terrace areas

     Responsibilities, 6-2-8

Theft see also retail theft

     Prohibited, 11-3-11

Tobacco products

     Smoking in village buildings, 11-3-10

     Use by juveniles, 11-5-9

Tractors and road machinery

     Storage of, 10-5-8, 13-1-95

Traffic and parking see also abandoned and junked


     Accident reports, 10-1-7

     Angle parking, 10-1-26

     Blue warning lights on police vehicles, 10-1-6

     Disturbing peace with vehicle, 10-1-40

     Driving over curbing, 10-1-44

     Enforcement. 10-1-51

     Heavy traffic routes, 10-1-11

     In operable, wrecked or discarded vehicles, 10-1-32

     Leaving keys in vehicle, 10-1-24

     Motor vehicles on pedestrian ways, 10-1-42

     Motorized vehicles on trails, 10-2-42

     Official traffic control devices, 10-1-3

     One-way streets, 10-1-14

     Operation in public parking lots, 10-1-30

     Operators to obey traffic control devices, 10-1-10

     Parking prohibited, 10-1-20, 10-1-21, 10-1-22,


     Parking reserved for persons with disabilities, 10-1-23

     Parking vehicles to display for sale, 10-1-22

     Pedestrian regulations, 10-1-41

     Penalties, 10-1-50

     Registration record of vehicle as evidence, 10-1-4

     Removal of illegally parked vehicles, 10-1-31

     School bus warning lights, 10-1-5

     School crossing guards, 10-1-43

     School district grounds traffic and parking regulations,


     Speed limits, 10-1-12

     State administrative code provisions adopted, 10-1-2

     State traffic laws adopted, 10-1-1

     Through streets, 10-1-13

     Truck parking, 10-1-28

     Unattended motorized machinery, 10-1-25

     Unlawful removal of citations, 10-1-29

     Unnecessary acceleration of vehicles, 10-1-40

     Winter parking regulations, 10-1-27

Traffic visibility

     At corners, 13-1-90

Transient merchants

     Appeals, 7-4-6

     Definitions, 7-4-2

     Exemptions, 7-4-3

     Investigation, 7-4-5

     Records, 7-4-8

     Registration, 7-4-1, 7-4-4

     Regulation of, 7-4-7

     Revocation of registrtation, 7-4-9


     On municipal property, 7-1-20

Treasurer see village treasurer


     Abatement of tree disease nuisances, 6-4-5

     Adoption of state statutes, 6-4-12

     Appeal from orders, 6-4-11

     Assessment of costs, 6-4-6

     Authority of village forester to enter private property,

          6-4-3, 6-4-4

     Definitions, 6-4-2

     Interference with village forester, 6-4-4

     Obstruction of intersection or sign view, 6-4-9


     In public places, 11-2-8(b)

Utilities commission

     Appointment and duties, 2-4-4

Utilities, public see water utility regulations and rates;

     sewer utility regulations and rates; electric utility

     regulations and rates

Variances, zoning

     Procedures for, 13-1-193


     Limits on, 6-2-9

Village attorney

     Appointment and duties, 2-3-6

Village board see also president

     Committees of the board, 2-2-4

     Composition, 2-2-1, 2-2-2

     Cooperative arrangements with other municipalities,



          Amendment of rules, 2-2-20

          Internal powers of board, 2-2-7

          Introduction of business, 2-2-15

          Location, 2-2-9

          Open meetings, 2-2-11

          Order of business, 2-2-14

          Ordinances, introduction of, 2-2-15

          Presiding officer, 2-2-3, 2-2-13

          Quorum, 2-2-12

          Regular, 2-2-9

          Robert's Rules of Order governs, 2-2-17

          Rules of procedure, 2-2-17

          Special, 2-2-10

          Suspension of rules, 2-2-21

     Powers, 2-2-5

     Powers of village vested in, 2-2-1


          Compensation, 2-2-8

          Election of, 2-2-2

          Number of, 2-2-2

          Oath of office, 2-3-15

          Removal of, 2-3-17

          Term of office, 2-2-2

          Vacancies in office of, temporary or permanent,

          filling of, 2-3-14

Village clerk; see also deputy clerk

     Appointment and duties, 2-3-3

Village treasurer

     Appointment and duties, 2-3-4

Vision clearance

     At intersections, 13-1-90

Water utility regulations and rates

     See index at start of Title 9, Chapter 1 and cable

          franchise agreements


     Powers of village board, 2-2-5


     Carrying concealed weapons prohibited, 11-2-1,


     Transporting of, 11-2-3

     Weapons on public establishments, 11-2-2(b)

Weed commissioner

     Appointment and duties, 2-3-9

Weeds and grasses

     Regulation of length, 8-1-4, 8-1-5, 8-1-6

Well abandonment

     Procedures, 9-1-55

Wine see alcoholic beverages

Zoning see also zoning, floodplain; zoning, shoreland-

     wetland; annexing, wellhead protection

     See index at start of Title 13, Chapter 1


Zoning board of appeals see also zoning

     Composition and powers, 2-4-2

     Procedures for appeals and variances, 13-1-190

          through 13-1-194

Zoning districts

     Regulations in, 13-1-40 through 13-1-49

Zoning, floodplain

     See index at start of Title 13, Chapter 2

Zoning, shoreland-wetland

     See index at start of Title 13, Chapter 3

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