Title 10 Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 1 Traffic and Parking

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Abandoned property

     Disposal of, 3-4-2

Abandoned refrigerators

     Prohibited, 11-3-3

Abandoned vehicles

     Conflict with other code provisions, 10-5-7

     Disposal of abandoned vehicles, 10-5-4

     Junked vehicles or appliances on private property, 10-5-8

     Owner responsible for costs. 10-5-6

     Removal and impoundment, 1-5-2, 10-5-3

     Report of sale or disposal, 10-5-5

     Violations, 10-5-1

Accessory uses and structures

     Regulation of, 13-4-140 through 13-1-143

Administrative determinations, review of

     Statutory procedures adopted 4-1-1 through 4-1-13

Air guns

     Carrying or discharge in village, 11-2-1

Alarm systems

     Regulation of private systems, 5-4-1 through 5-4-12

Alcoholic beverages see also operator's licenses

     Application for license, 7-2-6

     Approval of application, 7-2-29

     Classes of licenses, 7-2-4

     Closing hours, 7-2-15

     Conditions of license, 7-2-14

     Definitions, 7-2-2

     Fees, 7-2-5

     Granting of license,7-2-10

     Investigation, 7-2-8

     License required, 7-2-3

     Non-alcohol events of licensed premises, 7-2-18

     Numbering and expiration of license, 7-2-12

     Posting of licenses, 7-2-13

     Qualifications of applicant, 7-2-7

     Restrictions on licenses, 7-2-14, 7-2-15

     Restrictions on picnic and special event licenses, 7-2

     Revocation and suspension of licenses,  7-2-17

     State statutes adopted, 7-2-1

     Transfer of license, 7-2-11

     Beer garden license, 7-2-7-1

Alcoholic beverages, offenses involving

     Adult permitting underage violation, 11-4-8

     Defense of sellers, 11-4-1

     Persons who have altered identification cards, 11-4-6

     Possession of alcoholic beverages on school grounds, 11-4-7

     Sale to underage or intoxicated persons, 11-4-2, 11-4-4

     Solicitation of drinks prohibited, 11-4-9

     Underage persons' presence in places of sale, 11-4-3

All-terrain vehicles and off-road vehicle operation; see also snowmobiles

     State laws adopted, 10-4-1

     Unauthorized operation on public or private property, 10-4-2


     Animal feces, 7-1-10

     Barking dogs or crying cats, 7-1-12

     Bites, duty in case of, 7-1-8

     Cruelty to prohibited, 7-1-18

     Dog licenses required, 7-1-1

     Food and drink for animals, 7-1-15

     Injury to property by dog or cat, 7-1-11

     Impoundment of dogs, 7-1-7

     Issuance of dog licenses, 7-1, 7-1-3

     Kennel licenses, 7-1-3

     Late fees, 7-1-4

     Neglected or abandoned animals, 7-1-17

     Number of animals limited, 7-1-19

     Penalty for failure to obtain rabies vaccination, 7-1-5

     Penalties, 7-1-22

     Pit bulls regulated, 7-1-9

     Prohibited and protected animals, 7-1-13

     Proper shelter for animals, 7-1-16

     Rabies quarantine, 7-1-5

     Rabies vaccination required, 7-1-2

     Sale of rabbits, chicks or artificially colored animals, 7-1-14

     Trapping on village lands, 7-1-20


     For radio reception, 13-1-130,13-1-131

Assessments - see Special assessments


     Appointment and duties, 2-3-11


     Annual audits, 3-1-15    

Automobiles see Traffic and parking

BB guns

     Carrying or discharge in village, 11-2-1

Bed and breakfast establishments

     Standards for, 13-1-71

Beer see Alcoholic beverages

Bicycles and play vehicles

     Bicycle penalties, 10-2-6, 10-2-7

     Bicycle regulations, 10-2-2, 10-2-3, 10-2-5

     Penalties, 10-2-6

     Regulation of skateboards, roller skates and roller skis, 10-2-4

Bidding procedures

     Procedures for, 3-1-12, 3-1-13

Board of appeals

     Composition and duties, 2-4-2

     Procedures for appeals and variances, 13-1-190 through 13-1-194

Board of Review

     Composition , 2-4-1(a)

     Duties, 2-4-1(c)

     Meetings, 2-4-1(d)

Boards and commissions, general requirements

     Meeting notice requirements, 2-4-7

     Residency required for service, 2-4-8

     Rules for procedure, 2-4-9


     Regulation of, 12-1-6

Building code see also Construction site erosion control

     Basements and excavations, 15-1-10

     Building codes and permits, 15-1-1, 15-1-2

     Clear water discharge, 15-1-11

     Code compliance upon change of ownership, 15-1-15

     Construction standards, 15-1-4

     Disclaimer on inspections, 15-1-7

     Duplex service connections, 15-1-12

     Fees, 15-1-19

     Garages, 15-1-8

     Junk storage, 15-1-18

     Moving of buildings, 15-1-13

     New methods and materials, 15-1-5

     Penalties, 15-1-17

     Razing buildings, 15-1-9

     State uniform code adopted, 15-1-3

     Unsafe buildings, 15-1-6


     Open burning regulations, 5-2-9

     Outdoor heating devices, 5-2-11

Cats see Animals

Cemetery Regulations

     Restrictions, 11-3-5

Certified surveys see Subdivision Regulations

Checks, worthless

     Issuance of, 11-3-8

Chief of police

     Appointment and duties, 2-3-7, 5-1-2, 5-1-4, 5-1-5, 5-1-6, 5-1-7


     Retailer's licenses, 7-3-1

Citations, use of

     Authorization for, 1-2-1

     Citation form, 1-2-3

     Officials authorized to issue, 1-2-2

     Procedure, 1-2-6

     Receipt of cash deposit, 1-2-5

     Schedule of, 1-2-4

Clerk see Village clerk; Deputy clerk

Code of ordinances see ordinances, code of


     Standards for, 8-1-9

Concealed weapons

     Prohibited, 11-2-2

Conditional uses

     Procedures and standards for, 13-1-60, through 13-1-72

Construction site erosion control

     See index at start of Title 15, Chapter 2

Controlled substances

     Regulation of, 11-2-11

Cooperative arrangements

     Authority to enter into, 2-2-7

Cross connection control

     Regulations, 9-1-54


     Village requirements for, 6-3-2


     Established for juveniles, 11-5-1


     In public places, 11-2-8(b)


     Designated, 3-1-6

Deputy clerk

     Appointment and duties, 2-3-5

Developments see subdivisions

Direct sellers see transient merchants

Director of public works

     Appointment and duties, 2-3-10

Ditches, public

     Obstruction of , 6-2-12


     Procedures, 3-1-8

Disorderly conduct

     Regulated, 11-2-8


     Incorporation into code by reference, maintenance and availability        of copies, 1-1-7

Dogs and cats see animals

Door-to-door salesmen see transient merchants


     Location and design requirements, 6-3-2

     Permit required, 6-3-1

Drug paraphernalia

     Prohibited, 11-5-6

     Possession of drug paraphernalia, 11-2-16


     Election officials, 2-1-3

     Election times, 2-1-2

     Nomination of village officials, 2-1-4

Electric utility regulations and rates

     See index at start of Title 9, Chapter 3

Electrical code see building code


     Advisory opinions, 2-5-8

     Conflict of interest, 2-5-7

     Dedicated service, 2-5-5

     Definitions, 2-5-2

     Fair and equal treatment, 2-5-6

     Hiring relations, 2-5-9

     Outside employment, 2-5-11

     Responsibility of public office, 2-5-4

     Sanctions. 2-5-10

     Statement of purpose, 2-5-1

     Statutory standards of conduct, 2-5-3

Explosive devises see also nonmetallic mining regulations

     Regulation of, 11-2-1(e)

Fair housing

     Definitions, 15-3-2

     Enforcement, 15-3-5

     Exemptions, 15-3-4

     Unlawful practices, 15-3-3

Feces, animal

     Removal of, 7-1-9


     Regulation of, 13-1-142

Finance see also special assessment procedures

     Accounts receivable billing procedures, 3-1-14

     Audits, 2-3-3, 3-1-15

     Bidding procedures, 3-1-12, 3-1-13

     Budget process

          budget, 3-1-3

          changes in budget, 3-1-4

          funds to be spent in accordance with budget, 3-1-5

     Claims against village, 3-1-8

     Delinquent utility bills, 3-1-17

     Duplicate treasurer's bond eliminated, 3-1-2

     Fiscal year, 3-1-6

     Investment of funds, 3-1-9

     Liability of village for acts of agents, 3-1-16

     Public depositories, 3-1-7

     Receipt for monies received, 3-1-10

     Statement of real property status, 3-1-11

     Tax roll preparation, 3-1-1

Fire chief

     Appointment and duties, 2-3-8

Fire department see also fire chief; fire prevention code

     Adoption of codes, 5-3-1

     Damaging fire hose prohibited, 5-2-4

     Duty of bystanders to assist, 5-2-6

     Entering adjacent property, 5-2-5

     Fire department organization, 5-2-1

     Impeding fire equipment prohibited, 5-2-2

     Interference with use of hydrants, 5-2-8

     Open burning, 5-2-9

     Organization of department, 5-2-1

     Police power of fire department, 5-2-3

     Rules governing fire department, 5-2-1

     Vehicles to yield right-of-way, 5-2-7

     Water-related fire protection services, 5-2-10

Fire prevention code

     Adoption of state codes, 5-3-1

     Disclosure of hazardous materials, 5-3-2

     Recovery of cost of extinguishing hazardous material fires, 5-3-3

     Water-related fire protection services, 5-2-10


     Carrying or discharge in village, 11-2-1, 11-2-2

     Safe transportation of, 11-2-3


     Outside storage of, 13-1-141


     Restrictions and permits for displays, 7-6-1, 11-2-4



     Regulation of unauthorized, 11-2-15



     Construction standards for, 15-1-8

General penalty

     For code of ordinances, 1-1-6


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