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Below is a listing of the Village of La Farge ordinances.  The ordinance information can be found at the Village Office.

Abandoned property

     Disposal of, 3-4-2

Abandoned refrigerators

     Prohibited, 11-3-3

Abandoned vehicles

     Conflict with other code provisions, 10-5-7

     Disposal of abandoned vehicles, 10-5-4

     Junked vehicles or appliances on private property, 10-5-8

     Owner responsible for costs. 10-5-6

     Removal and impoundment, 1-5-2, 10-5-3

     Report of sale or disposal, 10-5-5

     Violations, 10-5-1

Accessory uses and structures

     Regulation of, 13-4-140 through 13-1-143

Administrative determinations, review of

     Statutory procedures adopted 4-1-1 through 4-1-13

Air guns

     Carrying or discharge in village, 11-2-1

Alarm systems

     Regulation of private systems, 5-4-1 through 5-4-12

Alcoholic beverages see also operator's licenses

     Application for license, 7-2-6

     Approval of application, 7-2-29

     Classes of licenses, 7-2-4

     Closing hours, 7-2-15

     Conditions of license, 7-2-14

     Definitions, 7-2-2

     Fees, 7-2-5

     Granting of license,7-2-10

     Investigation, 7-2-8

     License required, 7-2-3

     Non-alcohol events of licensed premises, 7-2-18

     Numbering and expiration of license, 7-2-12

     Posting of licenses, 7-2-13

     Qualifications of applicant, 7-2-7

     Restrictions on licenses, 7-2-14, 7-2-15

     Restrictions on picnic and special event licenses, 7-2

     Revocation and suspension of licenses,  7-2-17

     State statutes adopted, 7-2-1

     Transfer of license, 7-2-11

     Beer garden license, 7-2-7-1