Village of La Farge Committees

April 2020 - April 2021

Finance & Personnel Committee:

   Chair - Frank Quinn, Terry Jensen, Barb Melvin

Streets and Utilities Committee:

   Chair - Reggie Nelson, Frank Quinn, Aaron Appleman


Police Committee:

   Chair - Frank Quinn, Terry Jensen, Reggie Nelson


Parks, Grounds, Buildings and Cemetery Committee:

   Chair - Terry Jenson, Aaron Nemec, Aaron Appleman


Emergency Services Building Committee:

   Chair - Cheryl Purvis, Bonita Dorschied, Dave Sarnowski, Wayne             Haugrud, Kimberly Walker


Medical Committee:

   Chair - Aaron Appleman, Barb Melvin, Aaron Nemec

Library Committee:

   Chair - Barb Melvin, Gail Muller, Carol Persons, Donna Niles, Kimberly    Walker, Georgia Everson, Gwendolyn Hatfield

Zoning Board of Appeals:

   Chair - Randy Heisel, Terry Jensen, Karen Leis, Mike Donovan, Dean


Planning Commission:

   Chair - Cheryl Purvis, Karen Leis, Angie Williams, Eric Hartwig,

   Meagan Gustafson, Marcy West, Reggie Nelson

Housing Authority:

   This committee is no longer needed.

Municipal Court representatives:

   Cheryl Purvis - Primary, Frank Quinn - Alternate


President Pro-Tem:

   Frank Quinn

Emergency Coordinator:

   Frank Quinn


Jenkins, Stittleburg & Menn

Official Newspaper:

   La Farge Episcope

Building Inspector/Zoning Commissioner:

   Wayne Haugrud

Health Officer:

   Chief Jonathon Brown

Weed Commissioner:

   Chief Jonathon Brown


   Chimney Rock Appraisal


   Farmers State Bank/La Farge