NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a meeting of the La Farge Village Board will be held on Monday, April 13, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. at the Emergency Services building, located at 201 S. Cherry Street.  In an effort to reduce transmission of COVID-19, THIS IS NOT AN IN-PERSON MEETING.  All participants, including the public, can join using Vernon Communications Coop On-Demand Conference Calling.

Anyone attending the conference call will need the Conference ID to access the call.

   Attendees dial-in phone number: 634-6666 or 888-366-4316 and enter ID 14048

 Any questions regarding how to participate can be directed to Clerk Kim Walker at 608-625-4422




Call to order/Roll Call   

Verification of Meeting Posting/Publishing

Approval of previous meetings minutes


Public Comment



         1).   Action to approve the annual CMAR report

         2).   Discussion/Possible action on Silver Street Lift station pumps

         3).   Regular Utility Business



          1).   Any Old business     



          1).   Discussion and approval of Vierbicher Contract for revising TIF #1      

          2).   Action on bids for mowing/trimming of Chapel Hill Cemetery        

          3).   Action on bids for re-roofing the old clinic building  

          4).   Set a date for the re-organization meeting of the Village Board

          5).   Set a date for Open Book and Board of Review

          6).   Set a tentative date for the 24th annual Village-wide rummage sales                  

          7).   Police report/update  

          8).   Committee reports and updates

          9).   Approval to Pay the Bills

        10).  Adjourn.


 Kimberly Walker, Village Clerk/Treasurer

             Posted 4/09/2020  


                                  VILLAGE OF LA FARGE

                   Regular Board Meeting         Monday, April 13, 2020


*President Cheryl Purvis called the regular meeting of the La Farge Village Board to order at 6:30 p.m. at the Emergency Services building. Due to reducing transmission of COVID-19, participants were offered an On-Demand conference calling option. Four called in.        


Roll Call - Present at the meeting:

Members: Cheryl Purvis, Frank Quinn, Barbara Melvin, Terry Jensen, Aaron Nemec, Public Works Manager Wayne Haugrud, Police Chief Jonathon Brown, and Clerk Kimberly Walker.

Joining by conference calling: Members Reggie Nelson and Aaron Appleman, and news reporters Lonnie Muller and Bonnie Sherman  


*Verification of meeting publishing in the La Farge Episcope and posting at the Bank, Post Office, and Village Office on April 9, 2020 was given.    


*Appleman moved, Melvin seconded to approve the previous meetings minutes: (3-9-20/Regular Village board meeting; 3-12-20/Special Library board meeting; 3-12-20/2nd Special Library board meeting; 3-12-20/Planning Grant committee meeting; 3-14-20/Special Emergency Village board meeting; 3-17-20/ Regular Library board meeting; and 3-19-20/Finance & Personnel committee meeting). (Carried).  


*Correspondence: None.


*Public Comment: None.      


*Utility business: PWM Wayne Haugrud reported on the following:

**The CMAR (Compliance Maintenance Annual report) for the wastewater treatment plant needs approval for submission to the DNR. Quinn moved, Jensen seconded to approve the 2019 report. (Carried).  


*Last November, Wayne reported on issues with the pumps at the new lift station on Silver Street. They are plugging about every 3 months. On Monday, one pump went out. It was taken to L.W. Allen in Madison to see if it’s any good. The pumps we have are like sump pumps. Like to switch to a chopper and grinder pump like we had in the old lift station. Cost for one Hydromatic pump is $20,299. An option for 2 pumps is $33,977. Buying 2 new, and keeping the other one currently being used for a backup, we can save the cost of fixing the one that was taken in. Jensen moved, Quinn seconded to buy 2 pumps at $33,977. (Carried).      


*Marell, from Hillsboro, was hired to clean out the ditch along the alley between the North side of the Truck Center and the new medical clinic. Hopefully, this will help with storm runoff. Marell also repaired a valve box on Elm Street by the footbridge, and put a load of rock in, to help with future flooding.  

**This week is Tornado Awareness week, but Vernon County has cancelled the drills.

**Last month, money was allotted for a roller and sweeper. Street Supervisor Adam Schlicht found a Roller on the Wisconsin Surplus. It was $4,200, plus mileage and renting a trailer to pick it up in Chippewa Falls. We still have over $10,000 to look for a sweeper.   


*Old business: None.        


*Cheryl talked with Kurt Muchow, from Vierbichers, on funding for the Main Street project and for our substation. We have a good TIF that could help. She asked for a contract on the cost to amend it. This would extend it three more years, to 2029, and would help us with over $700,000 more in tax base to fund projects.      

That would help with the substation and help the utilities with the Main Street funding. Also going for other grants, to help a business relocate out of the flood zone, and redevelop the land on Main Street for housing,


etc. We can build up the area for this. There will be public hearings held, and the timeline is now to October 31, 2020. By April 2021, we need to have the project contracted out. Vierbichers will help us with all this, at a cost of $5,500. Jensen moved, Nemec seconded to approve the Vierbicher contract for revising TIF #1. (Carried).   


*Received one bid for mowing/trimming of Chapel Hill Cemetery. Justin’s Lawn Care bid $1,375 for the year. Jensen moved, Quinn seconded to hire Justin’s Lawn Care. (Carried).


*Opened one bid received for re-roofing the old Medical clinic. Carp’s Construction bid was to tear off existing shingles, felt, and roof edge, install new aluminum roof edge, install winter guard on all eave overhangs, install felt over existing plywood, and shingle with Landmark CertainTeed 30-year shingles. Disposal of shingles is the village responsibility. All labor and material is included, for $22,877.00.    

Any rotten spots to replace is the village’s cost. An option was given to upgrade to 50-year shingles for $1,950 more, but it was felt 30 years was good. Wayne said the South side is leaking and he’s working on trying to get a warranty from CertainTeed as the existing shingles are only 16 years old. Jensen moved, Quinn seconded to accept Carp’s Construction bid on replacing the old clinic roof. (Carried).      


*The re-organization meeting for Village board committee selections was set for April 22nd at 6:30 p.m., at the EMS building.  


*Open Book with the Assessor is set for May 20th, from 4-6 p.m. and Board of Review is set for May 27th, from 5-7 p.m., both at the village office. (Carried).


*Tentatively set the 24th annual village-wide rummage sales for June 5th & June 6th, depending on the COVID-19 Safer at Home order.


*Police report/update: Chief Brown got called out and left the meeting. Quinn read thru his monthly report. He had 112 calls for service in March. Municipal Court is postponed until July 2020, due to COVID-19.

The Driftless Veterinary Service at Village Hall for rabies shots was rescheduled to a future date. And Jon had a couple arrests.        


*Committee Reports:     

**Parks: Camping in the Village Park is closed. The emergency order is in effect until April 30th. We need to follow the order. Questioned was people turkey hunting and needing a place to stay. Cheryl will talk with the Attorney to see what we can do.

**Finance & Personnel: Frank said they met and approved an employee Time off Policy for COVID-19.   

**Library: Barb reported we have hired a new librarian. Rachel Clift is to start May 18th. Becky Hooker is working part-time for now.


*Quinn moved, Nemec seconded to approve payment of the bills. (Carried).


*Nemec moved, Appleman seconded to adjourn. (Carried). Adjourned at 7:10 p.m.



 Kimberly Walker, Village Clerk/Treasurer