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              VILLAGE OF LA FARGE

                   Board of Review Meeting        Tuesday, May 30, 2023


*President Frank Quinn called the Board of Review meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. at the La Farge Village Hall. All members were present: Quinn, Barbara Melvin, Terry Jensen, Karen Leis (arriving at 5 p.m.), and Clerk Kimberly Walker. Also in attendance was Assessor Jerry Kins.      


*Quinn read through the Board of Review agenda, noting the meeting is held to review and examine the assessment roll of real and personal property in the village and correct any errors in the roll.                                            


*Meeting posting was done on 5-24-2023 at the Farmers State Bank, La Farge Post Office, and Village Hall office window, along with a notice of publishing in the 5-9-2023 edition of the La Farge Episcope.       


*Quinn reported Kimberly Walker received the mandatory state training that at least one Board of Review voting member needs. This was done on April 29, 2023, through the Towns Association, at Barneveld, WI. (The course is good for one year).             

*Assessor Kins noted it was a good year for new construction, with a value of $801,300. This was mainly due to the new Dollar General building, along with a few other smaller projects. Next year, we will have the addition of a new car wash. A few negatives included demolition of the old car wash and two homes taken off the tax roll that were bought out through the FEMA flood buyout (Renee Haugh & Nathan Dorris). The State is still getting pressure to eliminate the personal property tax. The village has a lot with Cropp having one million in personal property value alone.     


*The Village’s last reevaluation was in 2013. He mentioned we are currently out of compliance, starting last year and again this year for the level of assessment. (It’s required to be within 10% of the assessment roll. This changes yearly based on sales. We can be out for 4 years, but it can go back in compliance, depending on the sales). For years the market stayed the same, but over the last few years, the market has experienced big changes. Nothing immediate needs done, but he’s informing us for future planning. The 4th year out of compliance the state will send a notice. The 5th year they will send a notice to see if we have a reevaluation planned, and by the 6th year, if nothing is done, they will come in and do it. So we’re possibly looking at 2026 to do this. This way we may start budgeting ahead for this cost.   


*Assessor Jerry Kins signed the affidavit in the front of the 2023 assessment roll book.


*No one registered or attended the meeting to file a grievance or object to their values. 


*Jensen moved, Leis seconded to adjourn. (Carried). Adjourned at 6:30 p.m.      



                                                                 Kimberly Walker, Village Clerk/Treasurer

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