What’s going on with the Main Street and Flood Recovery Projects?

Updated February 9, 2021

 The plans for the Main Street program and the authorization of construction bids were approved at the February Village Board meeting. It is expected that the final paperwork will be completed and bids will open on March 3rd. There will be information in the local papers as well as online or at the Village Office.

  For information regarding the Main Street project (January 6th meeting minutes, preliminary plan drawings and an opinion of probable cost - click here.

  Previous notes can also be found using that link. 


The Economic Flood Recovery Committee completed its work enabled by a planning grant from the EDA.  

  The 3rd Public Meeting was held on Monday, February 8th. The plan was reviewed, discussed and questions answered by leaders of the project - Vierbichers. A draft copy of the plan is included below.  An addition to the draft was information (that will be included in the final plan) regarding a solar field within the village.  That work had been done several years ago, but committee members felt it was important to include.  

  It was emphasized that the entire plan is something that will extend out for years. Completion of the projects will depend on priorities and funding opportunities.  

 The main points of the document are

1. Floodproofing and redevelopment concepts,

2. Resettlement sites and concept plans,

3. Flood mitigation infrastructure,

4. Other infrastructure projects, 

5. An overview of funding strategies and implementation plan.

  The PDF file below is the FINAL document. Lots of good information.  


Information from previous meetings can be found by clicking here and here.

    If you have any further questions about either of these projects, contact Kim Walker at the Village Office - 608-625-4422 or


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EMS Building
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Public Hearing Notice - October 11, 2021




Notice of Sheriff's Sale - Click PDF below for details



Traffic Control:

  • Thru traffic on STH 82 and STH 131 has been, and will continue to be, detoured through Viola.

  • Local traffic has been using, and will continue to use, Main Street to access local businesses.

  • This week traffic control will be placed to shift traffic to the south side of the highway to allow for 2-way traffic from State Street to Maple Street during the water main installation.

  • No parking permitted on Main Street from Mill Street to Maple Street. 

  • There is potential for flagging operations at the intersections of State Street and Maple Street to complete certain work items.


Erosion Control:

  • During periods of dry weather, the contractor must provide dust control.


Contractor’s Schedule:

  • Utility contractor has completed installation of sanitary sewer, sanitary sewer laterals, water main, and water services on Main Street from Mill Street to Bird Street.

  • Utility contractor has completed the installation of the temporary water from Bird Street to State Street.

  • Utility contractor has completed installation of storm sewer on Main Street from Mill Street to west side of Bird Street.

  • September 7th and 8th the utility contractor will be installing water main on Main Street from the Bird Street toward Maple Street.

  • September 9th the concrete contractor will be setting up string line for curb and gutter installation and prepping the curb base from Mill Street to Bird Street.

    • Please get all vehicles that you do not want stranded for the next 10 days out of your lot/driveway on September 9th.

  • September 10th the concrete contractor will be installing the curb and gutter starting at 7:00 AM from Mill Street to Bird Street.

    • Driveway access to/from Main Street will not be available. 

    • Once the curb and gutter has been installed you will be able to park on the street along the curb that evening.

  • During the week of September 13th, the electrical contractor will be installing electrical conduit and light poles and the concrete contractor will be installing sidewalk and driveways.

    • Once the concrete is poured you will not be able to access your lot/driveway until seven (7) days later.

    • You will be able to walk on the concrete that evening.

  • Utility contractor will resume installation of the water main and sanitary sewer on September 16th.

    • A water outage is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 16th and will affect users east of State Street.


Pedestrian Access:

  • Sidewalk access from Mill Street to Bird Street will remain graveled until the sidewalk is installed during the week of September 13th.

  • When possible, sidewalk access will be maintained from Bird Street to Maple Street.

  • Crosswalk access at each intersection may be limited during certain work operations.  However, if access on the south side is interrupted, access will be available on the north side and vice versa.



  • Delta 3 Engineering was on-site the week of August 30th to stake out offsets for the proposed curb and gutter from Mill Street to Bird Street. 

  • Delta 3 Engineering will be on-site during the week of September 6th to finish staking out offsets for the proposed curb and gutter from Mill Street to Bird Street. 

  • Please do not mow over or disturb these markers.




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